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The Collected Idiocy Of Jared Loughner: Grammar Nazi

by | 10th, January 2011

AS the media and vested interest groups battle to explain that Sarah Palin / God a drawing/a map marijuana/ liberal ideals / Hitler/ a grudge/  Barack Obama / Chicago and gun law made Jared Loughner murder six people and wound 14 more (including Jewish, female Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords), we take a look at the killer.

Loughner told the world on a video:

“No! I won’t pay debt with a currency that’s not backed by gold and silver.”

As Tim Worstall says:

For of course, even if you are a gold/silver nut, in fact, especially if you’re a gold/silver nut, you’re absolutely delighted to be paying what you owe to others with these funny little pieces of paper: while hopefully managing to ensure that what others owe to you is paid in gold/silver backed currency.

In 2007, Loughner asked Giffords:

What is government if words have no meaning?”

He asks in a video:

“If the property owners and government officials are no longer in ownership of their land and laws from a revolution then the revolutionary’s from the revolution are in control of the land and laws.”

He added on a video:

“The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar. You control your English grammar structure.”

The killer is sounding like one David Wynn Miller, the self-styled “Judge David-Wynn: Miller”.

Miller loves capital letters. He argues that “by inserting colons or hyphens into your name you can escape taxable status by becoming a ‘prepositional phrase’.” (Why has no news media contacted the artist formerly known as Prince?)

Miller is not eschewing his moment in the limelight. He tells the The New York Times that Lougher has “probably been on my Web site“. Here’s an extract from his site:

Because I use prepositional phrases, through punctuation, which is classified as hieroglyphics, which makes me a life, l-i-f-e. Now, when you don’t punctuate your name … David is an adjective, Wynn is an adjective, Miller is a pronoun. Two adjectives are a condition of modification, opinion, presumption, which modifies the pronoun, pro means no on noun. So therefore, I’m not a fact. I’m a fiction.

Matt Welch has more:

It is indeed possible that Loughner was biting the rhymes of David Wynn Miller when it comes to government “seeking to control people through rules and structure of grammar and language.” But the only evidence of that in this article comes from authorial assertaion that his views were “similar,” and, um, from David Wynn Miller. There have been, I am pretty confident, more than just two people, or one ideological disposition, that have reached a similar conclusion.

It might be that Jared Loughner is so unhinged that the media can’t work him out. Better to just chuck stones at the usual suspects.


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