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Will Charlie Gilmour Get A New Savile Row Suit For Court?

by | 27th, January 2011

CHARLIE Gilmour, 21, of Billinghurst, Sussex, son of no-education champion Dave Gilmour, of the Great Gig in The Sky, has been charged with violent disorder at the tuition fees protest in London. Gilmour is the well-trained history student who was upset to learn that he was dangling from something called The Cenotaph, which is something to do with wars and stuff.

In addition, m’lud, Gilmour, a university berth blocker and Saddo (Sons and daughters of…), is accused of stealing a mannequin leg on 9 December. Gilmour the rebel who thinks fees are not just on ok has an eye for the finer things:

“I’ve always loved good-quality clothing. My style is vintage stuff and skinny jeans — leggings-style H&M girls’ jeans that no man should really wear! My parents said that if I got into Cambridge, they would buy me a Savile Row suit. All the other tailors seemed a bit fuddy-duddy, with fox-hunting stuff in the windows. I’m not into that aristocratic thing. Spencer Hart is modern and chic, with nothing fusty about it. They made me two suits — a single-breasted day suit and a slim-cut dinner suit, which is useful, as there are all sorts of feasts and formal occasions at Cambridge. I wear it with an almost Edwardian clipped-collar shirt and a slim, mod-ish dog-tooth-check tie. I haven’t worn the day suit much yet, but if I’m ever having a work crisis, I put it on and it gives me a sharp frame of mind. I never feel better than when I’m wearing my suits, and people take you more seriously. They fit perfectly.

He is due at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 10 February.

Dress to impress…


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