Anorak News | How Online Bullies Forced Tamara Ecclestone To Think About Running A Bath

How Online Bullies Forced Tamara Ecclestone To Think About Running A Bath

by | 15th, February 2011

YOU might suppose that given her father Bernie Ecclestone’s vast wealth, Tamara Ecclestone would opt to work as a nurse, teacher, research scientist or soldier. Instead, Tamara has opted for the perilous and challenging path of “celebrity”.

This week, Tamara is a “slender model and TV presenter”.

Tamara is at home when Hello! comes calling. Beneath the quote, “I’m not a spoilt ungrateful brat who doesn’t know the value of money”, we’re swiftly introduced to “14 shelves…stacked with Christian Louboutins alone, with a further 22 pairs of Ugg boots and at last 50 pairs of pumps.”

There are Hermes Berkin bags (“17 in total”), lots of dresses and a “collection of sunglasses”.

“Despite the overwhelming choice, Tamara says it takes her five minutes to get ready in the morning, but considerably longer if she’s going out to an event.”

Inside Tamara’s London pad, she has an indoor pool, a screening room, a Damian Hirst in the living room (a painting, not the man; although for a fee he might sit on the sofa), two housekeepers, a gym, a solarium and a “giant crystal pineapple filled with jellybeans”. And you know how expensive those little sweeties are.

Tamara is, however, moving, waiting to do up her new £45m home in inner city Kensington Palace Gardens.

But before Tamara can do more show, she speaks:

“When I was a teenager, everything was a big deal, and I really gave a shit about what people thought… But now I’m really happy I don’t care about these things.”

Adding, in reference to stories of her new home broke:

“I went online when it came out and looked at people’s comments. It made me want to run a warm batch and cut my wrists.”

Yeah. That’s as inconsistent as it is tragic. She thought about running her own bath!

Such is her pain…

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