Anorak News | CBS Reporter Lara Logan’s Sexually Assault In Egypt Makes Nir Rosen Laugh

CBS Reporter Lara Logan’s Sexually Assault In Egypt Makes Nir Rosen Laugh

by | 16th, February 2011

NEWS is that Lara Logan, a reporter with CBS, and for a time with ITN, was sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square, Egypt, place of liberation form Mubarak and power won for a grateful military.

Is is common for journalists to be attacked in Egypt? A Committee to Protect Journalists report in 2005 told us:

A report published in 2005 by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights said that “journalists in Egypt suffer numerous forms of discrimination including unfairness in legislation, judicial prosecution of journalists for their writing and opinions, assault and death threats, and sexual assault of female journalists.”

The Committee reports that  52 journalists were assaulted and 76 detained during events in Egypt.

Journalist Nir Rosen, who has written for the Atlantic Monthly and the Washington Post, has no sympathy for Logan. The Daily Caller reports (via Jeffrey Goldberg):

The initial tweet by Rosen stated, “Lara Logan had to outdo Anderson. Where was her buddy McCrystal.” [American commander in Afghanistan Stanley McChrystal.] …

“Yes yes its wrong what happened to her. Of course. I don’t support that. But, it would have been funny if it happened to Anderson too,” wrote Rosen. [Anderson Cooper is gay.]

The two comments gave way to more. Rosen called Logan a “war monger” and expressed doubt that she was actually assaulted.

“Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger” wrote Rosen.

“Look, she was probably groped like thousands of other women, which is still wrong, but if it was worse than [sic] I’m sorry.”

Added Rosen, without irony:

Rosen: “ah fuck it, I apologize for being insensitive, it’s always wrong, that’s obvious, but I’m rolling my eyes at all the attention she will get.”

He later apologises a little better. But Rosen may like to wonder if Logan was attacked because she was a journalist? Before the assault:

On Thursday, Logan was reportedly marched back to her hotel at gunpoint when she and a crew were taking pictures of protests. They were eventually detained by Egyptian police outside Cairo’s Israeli embassy.

So. Was this attack to teach Logan a lesson, or for men to just do what they can..?

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