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Madeleine McCann: Clarence Mitchell Pours Cold Water On Marcelino Italiano’s Claims

by | 19th, February 2011

MADELEINE McCann: Marcelino Italiano says he knows what happened to Our Maddie. He’s told the Spanish police. But he’s not named names. Why not?

The Sun: “Maddie cops to question sleuth”

The Maddie cops are not actual Maddie Cops, rather they are private detectives who have yet to find her or what happened to her.

Private investigators hired by her parents Kate, 42, and Gerry, 41, are preparing to fly to Spain to talk to Marcelino Italiano “within a week”, a source said last night.

Within a week the Maddie cops will check the story of a man who says he know what happened to their missing girl? It’s that urgent.

The Scotsman: “’Madeleine may be in US’: amateur detective”

Amateur sleuth Marcelino Italiano reportedly said Madeleine, now aged 7, had been snatched by an Algarve-based paedophile ring in 2007 which had taken a dozen other children.

Now aged 7. Well, there is no proof that she is not.

The Angolan-born nightclub bouncer said: “I know these people were involved and I have been told that Madeleine may now be in America.”

He knows but he hasn’t made the names public.

Herald Sun:

THE parents of missing Madeleine McCann have welcomed new information that suggests their daughter may be in the United States.

Or as Sky News puts it:

McCanns Cast Doubt On US Abduction Claims

Clarence Mitchell told Sky News he was sceptical about claims made by a private investigator that Madeleine was abducted by an international paedophile gang….

America is a long way from Portugal. Smuggling a child into America through traditional channels would be virtually impossible.

“That’s not to say it’s not feasible, it possibly could be done, it’s something that investigators have considered. There have been other tip-offs that America may have been a destination, but so far nothing has come of those.”

Nothing has come from any tip-offs. But the McCanns’ book on their daughter is set to hit the shops soon and the Sun has paid to serialise it. So. Expert lots more Maddie news…

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