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Has The Daily Star Turned The EDL Into A Political Party?

by | 6th, March 2011

IS Daily Star and its rebel reporter Richard Peppiatt’s legacy the chance for citizens to vote for the English Defence League?

Peppiatt told us that the Star’s story that the EDL was looking at democracy was not based on fact. Beneath the headline “ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE TO BECOME POLITICAL PARTY,”  we were told:

THE English Defence League is set to break into mainstream politics with a bid to get MPs in Parliament.

Peppiatt wrote:

“…this incendiary tale was twisted and bent to fit an agenda seemingly decided before the EDL’s leader Tommy Robinson had even been interviewed… Asked if his group were to become a political party I was told the ex-BNP goon had replied: “Not for now”. But further up the newsprint chain it appears a story, too good to allow the mere spectre of reality to restrain, was spotted.”

Now the story is big news. And the Independent says the EDL have noticed. Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, tells the Indy:

“We’re having a meeting this week with politically minded people and we’re discussing the options…  We’ve been sitting down with a couple of lads who are posh-speaking, public school boys, who have been in politics before, and we’re discussing with them where it can go.”

The Indy then indulges in bit of media rival bashing:

The Independent on Sunday understands one reporter, from a different news organisation, who recently interviewed Mr Robinson, claims that the EDL had the idea to become a political party after seeing the Star’s fabricated article.

The source is not named. The claim looks thin.

But, still, can it be denied that the Star is furthering the cause eof the EDL? The paper says:

“For the record, the Daily Star editorial policy does not hold any negativity towards Islam and the paper never, and does not endorse the EDL.”

Or as the paper also wrote:

In the Daily Star phone poll yesterday, 98% of readers said they agreed with the EDL’s policies.

Is the Star downplaying its own power..?

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