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Peaches Geldof: The Hard-Nosed Face Of Vapid Youth

by | 15th, March 2011

POOR old Peaches Geldof. She’s the rich rebel who arrived at the swingers’ orgy to find mum and dad handing out towels. She’s in the news because her name has been linked with a dress, allegedly, no longer at the Three Amigos store in Camden Town. The talk is of a “misunderstanding” and alleged shoplifting.

The Mail reminds readers that Peaches’ CV features misunderstandings at shops called Victim, Urban Outfitters and Luna & Curious. But she has never shoplifted anything. And, then, who told the media about the alleged caper that got the store’s name in print? We don’t know. But we should be told.

A spokesman for Miss Geldof goes on the record:

“On the afternoon of March 4 Peaches was picked up from her home address at 1.15pm and taken to a voiceover studio in SE1 where she spent two and a half hours. Peaches knows nothing about this incident which we strenuously deny.”

Peaches Geldof, who strives to be the authentic voice of youth, should not use a rep, especially one who shows no hint of humour in talking about Peaches wearing cans in a studio.

For all her vapid weltschmerz, Peaches is polite, clean and keen to be liked. Her TV shows are dire, turgid and lamer than a millipede carrying a bunion the size of Piers Morgan’s head on each foot. But yoof telly is always rubbish. Even the minority of yoof you watch the stuff think it’s rubbish. It serves to fill space and reminds the kidzzz that you can be untalented, gauche and vain and still get on in the media. Peaches Geldof’s TV show is a huge flashing neon turd for fickle flies to nibble.

She’s no fool. She gets it. The youth are supposed to be stupid and irresponsible. But that’s how Peaches presents herself. But she isn’t. She works and wants her celebrity. Granted, if she doesn’t get it, she looks like she will screams and scream and scream until she’s stick. But she will be sick on Twitter, and we will lap it up…


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