Anorak News | Dallas Robber Holds Up Bank With ‘Bom’ In Burger Bag

Dallas Robber Holds Up Bank With ‘Bom’ In Burger Bag

by | 17th, March 2011

THE court calls one Nathan Wayne Pugh, charged with attempting to rob a Dallas bank with a “BOM”.

On July 26, 2010, Pugh enters the Wells-Fargo bank. He is carrying a fast food bag. He hands the cashier a note:

“Look if you don’t want to die then you should do as this note says. This is not a bag of food. This is a bom, so just put money in an envelope and do not make any move till after I have left for ten mintis.”

The cashier, perhaps realising what he is dealing with, asks Pugh for two pieces of identification. Pugh retrieves his Wells Fargo debit card and an ID card. Yep, the one with his real name on.

Pugh then makes to leave the bank. He sees police. So. He grabs a woman hostage. She has a child in her arms. They struggle and fall to the floor.

Distinct Judge Sam A. Lindsay has heard enough. He sentences Pugh, 49, to 102 months chokey. But the hapless villain won’t be out for years because at the time of his “bom” caper, Pugh was out on bail for two other robberies…

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