Anorak News | Northallerton Estate Agent Highlights Local Pond Life

Northallerton Estate Agent Highlights Local Pond Life

by | 18th, March 2011

IAN Bebbington, of  Estate Agents Ltd, say the property at Prospect View, Northallerton, is surrounded by “pond life” and “smelly” things.

“Things you may not need if you live at this house: Concrete. An allotment. Workout DVDs. Exercise bikes. Last minute trips to the petrol station for flowers. Packaging. A carbon footprint. A grocery bill.”

Go on:

“Plus you will enjoy doing new things: Being scruffy. Taking in new smells; manure, compost … smoking out your neighbours, wielding garden tools. Bonding with a good shed. Being boiled in your greenhouse. Gazing at pond life.”

Mr Bebbington says the reference to the small and pond life is literal.

Says he:

“I sent a letter to each individual house to explain the meaning of each statement. But some people haven’t changed their views. Some let me know by phone or email and a couple have come into the office.”

Quick! Open the windows:

“If you put a pond in the garden you could gaze at the pond life. When I do my gardening I don’t wear my good clothes, I wear my scruffy clothes.”

He adds:

“I have nothing against these people. I have sold houses in the street before and will be quite happy to sell them again. I was gobsmacked when I found out about the uproar the description had caused. The ad was just a reference to one house and its garden. How on earth can you apply that to a whole street? I think it’s their interpretation, and they are entitled to their opinions, but I don’t see how it can be misconstrued.”

Can you smell something..?

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