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War In Libya: A Made-For-Media Nostalgic Snuff Movie

by | 20th, March 2011

LIBYA rules the news cycle. The Indy declares from its front page “The UN Strikes Back“, seemingly ignorant of the fact that the UN has no air force and is reliant on the French, British and American to enforce its arbitrary decrees.

The NoTW’s front-page headline focuses on national identity. It is bellicose and glorying in death and destruction:



“Our sub sinks despot’s thugs with 3000lb missiles”

There’ also the offer to “watch plane explode“. Yayy! Pull up a chair. Grab some popcorn. Watch a Libyan die.

He opines:

Several European nations, the United States and a few token others have decided to intervene militarily in a civil war on the losing side, and just at the moment when these forces were on the verge of defeat.

But it’s March 19, dammit – a tradition is born:

Now not to suggest any sort of conspiracy theory, but here’s quite a coincidence: on March 19, 2003 (i.e. exactly eight years ago), US forces began military operations in the second Iraq War.

And here’s David Cameron (who is doing an impression of Tony Blair) to explain why we fight  in Libya:

“There will be unforeseeable consequences of taking action, but better take action than risk the consequences of inaction.”

Richard North explains more:

It is The Times here which leads the way with a portentous headline, redolent of the darkest days before the Second World War: “The Storm Gathers“, as the media shows pictures of a Libyan jet crashing and burning (or it could be a jet-on-a-stick, which they’ve set fire to?) and action pictures of French AlpaJet trainers, for heaven’s sake.

Are we on the brink of world war? Does Armageddon beckon? Nah … we have a poxy, two-bit dictator in a poxy, fly-blown strip of desert, taking the piss and – as Arab dictators always do – slaughtering his people. And we are to send in a clutch of aeroplanes and maybe do a bit of derring do, on a scale that wouldn’t even make a decent Sunday afternoon airshow.

Meanwhile, news of Japan’s Apocalypse has dissipated…

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