Anorak News | Japan’s Media Apocalypse: Susie Boniface Goes Large On Chernobyl

Japan’s Media Apocalypse: Susie Boniface Goes Large On Chernobyl

by | 23rd, March 2011

JAPAN’S Media Apocalypse: As told buy the Mirror’s Susie Boniface. From her desk, Boniface senses terrible danger and great loss of life in Japan:

One expert predicted that the death toll in the years ahead could top the 500,000 attributed to the Chernobyl accident of 1986 and warned that panicked repair attempts could lead to an even greater disaster.

The one expert knows all. We then meet John Large, a “British nuclear engineer”.  He’s previously spoken to the Guardian:

“It’s impossible to get any radiation readings,” said John Large

He was on Channel 4:

Nuclear expert John Large told Channel 4 News: “The public perception is that all things nuclear are a fate worse than death, so governments are always conservative, saying that it is only low level radiation.”

So. The Government talks down the dangers? Thankfully, the British media can talk it up. Says Mr Large:

“And while the radiation leak so far is only a tenth of that at Chernobyl, that was in a rural area with a low population. In Japan it’s an urban, densely packed area so the potential numbers of deaths and cancers are much higher.”

Feel free to panic…

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