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How Did Smiley Culture Die? Let’s Blame The Police

by | 25th, March 2011

HOW did Smiley Culture (aka David Emmanuel) die? Mr Emmanuel died of a single stab wound to the heart during a police raid on his home in Warlingham, Surrey. There’s been a public meeting in Lambeth to hear more about the Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into the death of reggae singer

Nelson Abbey stirs the emotions with piece in The Voice with the line that “many inferred that foul play may have taken place”.

But there is no evidence that it did. The BBC says the singer stabbed himself with a kitchen knife.

IPCC Commissioner Mike Franklin tells the meeting:

“I am mindful that our investigation needs to be thorough and robust but that it also needs to be done as quickly as possible because people are rightly demanding answers. Having said that, the key to this investigation will be information we can obtain from forensic examinations of evidence gathered at the scene using the scientists and experts we have commissioned. These things take time, and we do not have control over how long these examinations will take, but I will be doing everything I can to ensure that this investigation moves forward as quickly as possible.”

Back in the voice, Abbey continues to stir:

The pertinent question is:

* Why would experienced police officers let a person caught in a drug-related raid get up and stroll into the kitchen in order to “make a cup of tea”?

That’s the pertinent question? To the untrained eye it looks a lot like question designed to cast a shadow over the police, no?

Abbey then adds:

* Did David really stab himself in the heart so hard that it penetrated right through his body and came through the other side, as has been rumoured?

Does it matter?

* Would the possibility of a drug-related potential prison sentence drive a person, described by those that knew him best as calculating, very calm and pleasant, to such a brutal suicide?

Well, evidently, yes. It would be possible.

• Why on earth are anonymous police sources engaging in public relations management by speculating to the press about this issue, when the family of a man (who died in police custody) has not even had their questions answered?

He died in his own home.

He had been due to face trial this week accused of conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Nothing proven. But will the man be allowed to rest in peace..?

Will Lee Jasper let it rest?

You really can’t trust the system, Jasper says. Not without community pressure to keep it honest – it’s likely to be a three- to five-year battle. “But Smiley’s relatives are extraordinary in their strength and dignity. They are certainly not naive.”

Lead photo: Organiser Lee Jasper (centre) speaks as wife of Smiley Culture Debbie Emmanuel (second right) looks on during a public meeting to discuss the IPCC investigation into the death of the reggae singer (real name David Emmanuel) at Lambeth Town Hall, London.

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