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Bride And Groom Spend Wedding Night In Jail

by | 27th, March 2011

NEWLYWEDS David and Louise-Anne Turnbull, of Hythe, Hampshire, held their wedding reception at a pub in Holbury. Christopher Cerqua is asked to leave. A party, including the happy couple, then moves to a local nightclub.

There, they receive a call from the babysitter looking after three of their five children. What she says is unclear, but the couple race home. They encounter Mr Cerqua.

Things happen, and the couple spend their wedding night in the cells.

Fast forward to court.

Michael Butt, defending Turnbull, says his client had not acted without provocation. The Recorder notes.

“Without asking or waiting for an explanation, you both attacked him. The main damage was done by you David Turnbull. You punched him in the face about three times and when he was on the ground, you kicked him in the head. Indeed the evidence suggests you actually stamped on his head.”

The couple are convicted of causing actual bodily harm. Mr Turnbull is jailed for 21 months.

The judge says Mrs Turnbull had joined in “with relish”. But she had kidzzz to look after so she gets a 12 months supervision order and a three-month curfew.

And how was your honeymoon..?


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