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Goose Finds Squirrel In Toilet

by | 28th, March 2011

TO Malawi, where Duncan Goose has found a squirrel down the toilet.

Like you, we at first thought Mr Goose a rodent fetishist, or a warning to examine beneath the thickl sauvce of your meat curry. But reading on we learn that the squirrel was not evacuated form Mr Goose, rather… Well, how it got there is a mystery.

As Mr Goose says:

“It was a real shock as my immediate reaction was that it was a rat and, particularly in developing countries, they carry lots of disease. I was concerned it was going to jump out and bite me, so I put the lid back down and left it for a minute as I wasn’t sure what to do.”

A: Leave it to drown.

B: Find another toilet.

C: Save it.

D: Make joke about hiding your nuts.

Mr Goose chose option E:  help.

“In the end I put a hand towel down the toilet, allowed it to climb up, put it in a laundry basket, took it outside and released it back into the wild and it didn’t seem too much the worse for wear so hopefully it’s recovered from the experience¬†and will go on to have a happy life devoid of toilet bowl experiences.”

It’s what we each of us pray for as we sit on the throne…

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