Anorak News | Greens Spread Fear In Australia: Tim Flannery Fries Your Brains

Greens Spread Fear In Australia: Tim Flannery Fries Your Brains

by | 28th, March 2011

WHEN the Earth melts and everyone is dying the last words you will hear will be Australia’s climate change commissioner, Professor Tim Flannery, saying, “I told yer.” Unless life on Earth outlives Flannery and we will be forced to wait and wait and wait in a state of fear until he is proven right.

Not that Green Shirts spread fear. As the Geelong Advertiser confirms:

GEELONG will swelter under intense heatwaves and the Great Barrier Reef will become a bed of algae should we fail to act on climate change, the Climate Commission warned last night.

After a week of vitriol over denialist protests in Canberra, chief climate commissioner Professor Tim Flannery led the discussion before more than 300 people in Geelong West.

What was said?

Climate science expert Prof Will Steffen said the “mega-event” week of the 47C heatwave of 2008 would seem like a a cool summer day by 2080 without action.


“Without action, warming estimates ranged from 2.5C and 6C Four degrees is frightening,” he said…

Biology expert Prof Lesley Hughes added: “I don’t even like to think about a plus-four (degree rise) it’s too scary.”

Later there was a Q&A:

MALE MEETING ATTENDEE: How much do you profit from all your scaremongering and alarmist false predictions? Thank you.

TIM FLANNERY: Well, could I just ask you have you heard any, any sort of alarmist comments or false predictions this evening or what was scaremongering this evening?

Just wait until your blood is 134 degrees in your knickers and your brains are fried – then you hear some real scaremongering…

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