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Madeleine McCann: The Book and The ‘Fluffy Worthless Words’

by | 1st, April 2011

MADELEINE McCann’s face peers out from the cover of the Daily Express.

The headline thunders:

“MADELEINE – family warn kidnappers”

Go on:

“Kate McCann’s new book will be key to finding her daughter”

How so?

The mother of Madeleine McCann is using the book she has written to send a plea to her daughter’s kidnappers: “Please, let her come home.”

So much for the warning. That sounds like a plea. As for the book:

Kate, and her husband Gerry hope the book will be read by Madeleine’s abductors and even by their daughter, who will turn eight next month.

Best keep an eye on the bookshops.

The warning headline is tooted in an unnamed source, billed only as a “friend”. Indeed. Why go to the bother of reporting an apparent fact on your front page and then not mentioning the source of your quote? Is there some secrecy law that forbids the naming of people expressing an opinion? Says the source:

“The book is another warning from the family that they will never stop searching for their beloved daughter. Whoever snatched Madeleine should be warned that the book will only bolster the search efforts.”

Clarence Mitchell, still being employed as the McCanns’ media handler, explains:

“Kate is writing the book to raise awareness of her daughter’s disappearance and to pay private investigators to continue the search to find her. Ultimately she is hoping and praying it will lead to her daughter being found alive.”

And then a “friend” adds:

“If Madeleine’s still out there, as her family and friends believe, she could have access to it.”

So much for the opinions. Let’s review the facts:

Kate, a 42-year-old doctor and her cardiologist husband Gerry, also 42, are convinced Madeleine was abducted nearly four years ago.

Such are the facts. What says Kate McCann of her book that will tells the truth and raise money:

She said: “We need action, not fluffy, worthless words.”

Madeleine the book of words retails at £20…

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