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Experts Warn Over Cherry Flavoured Breakfast Beer

by | 5th, April 2011

IN New Zealand, locals will soon be waking up to a cherry-flavoured “breaskfast beer“. It’s a wheat lager created by Marlborough brewery Moa. It’s the “beer the ladies can enjoy too … if you’re having a champagne breakfast but don’t fancy champagne, have a beer instead“.

Because Kiwis always wake up with a glass of imported French fizz. And isn’t Kiwi beer a ladies’ drink anyway?

Cherry beer sounds disgusting. But the mere mention of breakfast beer provides an opportunity for the someone called Christine Rogan, of Alcohol Healthwatch, to says that drinking in the morning was an indicator of an alcohol problem.

Other indicators of having issues with booze are not giving a toss what you drink, be it be cherry flavoured ale, fermented milk or the stuff you use to degrease tiles.

This warning is topped by Anna Reid, national manager of Students Against Drunk Driving. She’s worried about imbibing a boozy breakfast “at a time when children were going to school and people were going to work“.

Moa co-owner Geoff Ross legitimises his revolting drink by comparing it to some delicious ones:

“Look at cultures like Germany where a lager in the right circumstances is part of the culture, or Italy where the grappa is used as a morning pick-me-up. Cultures around the world consume alcohol in the right way, and that includes breakfast.”

Anorak struggles to think of what is the right moment to drink a glass of cherry beer in the morning? Maybe if your tongue was on fire or you were entertaining visiting New Zealanders and wanted to make them feel at home..?

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