Anorak News | Man Feels Little Girl Ghost In Herefordshire House

Man Feels Little Girl Ghost In Herefordshire House

by | 5th, April 2011

TO Herefordshire, where a photo of  Fred Smith’s grandson Sirus features the shadowy future of a… ghost?

(And, yep: Sirus. Can you be Sirus, as John McEnroe famously asked?)

Says Fred, of St Weonards:

“If she lived in an old house or if there was a cupboard with a reflection or something fair enough, but she lives in a 1950s house in Redhill – we have no idea who this might be.”

The temptation is to suppose that Fred is of an age where everyone begins to meld into one. But that would be wrong and not funny. This would be funny:

“She [Fred’s daughter Sarah] goes to mediums quite a lot and a friend of hers called Pete, who has ‘the gift’, previously said he felt a little girl in the house.”

Maybe she’s come back to tell the police..?

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