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Plan B Would Like To Do A Comedy TV Show

by | 5th, April 2011

IF his preposterous pop-rap career wasn’t comedic enough, Plan B would apparently love to star in a comedy show on the television! Imagine the japes he could get up to! Telling his hilarious stories about selling a bit of weed way back when and ‘conquering soul music’! Haw haw!

Apparently, Plan B (real name Clarence Glans Thimbleberry III) would only do it… not that anyone has shown the vaguest bit of interest in giving him his own show… if he could showcase his ”sick” humour.

Plan B! In a sick comedy show! Just what the doctor ordered! It’d obviously be a combination of Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

If the words of this article become a little wayward, that’s thanks to huge blood loss from your writer who has just hammered a Phillips head screwdriver into his superior vena cava with a shoe at the mere thought of such a combination.

Anyway, back to Plan B and his thoughts on comedy. Apparently, he thinks the world may need him for the jokes because most mainstream sitcoms are just too tame.

He said:

“Sitcoms are the worst things in the world. You can’t do super-dirty jokes.”

“If I did do a comedy it would be things I thought was funny and people didn’t think was funny, until the point where it becomes funny because I’ve disgusted them so much and they start laughing about how sick I am.”

That said, he doesn’t hate all comedy! No, Plan B really likes the risky, edgy and envelope pushing BBC One show, ‘My Family’.

You heard.

And why does he like it? Well, he likes ‘star of those awful, awful BT commercials’ Kris Marshall who starred as Nick.

“I like Nick because he was a bit weird and looked like he’d just come from the garden or the cemetery where he’s been digging up bodies. He’d then come in and go ‘Alright, Dad’.

“But he left the show and it’s been shit since. People watched it because of him – he was sick.”

Honestly. Just let me die a slow peaceful death. I’ll be fine. This world is too rare and peculiar for me to deal with.

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