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Hawaiian Colonic Cleansing Course Runs Out Of Toilets

by | 7th, April 2011

FANS of the Hawaiian colon cleansing course in northern Sweden were disarmed by the lack of toilets. Having, over eight days, imbibed the diet of salted water, psyllium and bentonite for roughage in grape juice – which “gives you enough energy so you won’t faint” – you pass the accumulated faecal “plaque”.

In Sweden one of the course’s purgers is defecating on the lawns in front of other participants. The colon cleansing centre has now been ordered to refund 1,000 kronor ($158) to the woman.

The Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes rules:

“The board assumes that the vast majority would prefer, and even take for granted, the possibility to defecate in private, unless otherwise apparent from the event’s information.”

Anorak disagrees. Surely if you pay money to have a spectacular shit, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth by comparing and contrasting with your peers?

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