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North London Mum Turns Dog Poo Into Cup Cakes

by | 9th, April 2011

ANYONE attempting to eat Louise Willows’ cupcakes in Crouch End, North London, had best watch out. Those tasty looking treats littering the pavements have been drawn on in chalk.

The wail of children’s tears is broken by Willows telling us:

“I only wish they’d keep an eye out for the perpetrators of the actual crime.”

The crime is dog poo. So angered by dog poo is Willows that she picks the stuff up and marks the crime scene with a drawing of a pink cupcake in a yellow cup.

She also wrote on a wall:

“Dog owners, please clear up your dog’s mess. Children walk here.”

Children might also stoop to pick up cupcakes and break their teeth on the paving slaps. Might they also get their hands infected by chalk dust and bits of leftover poo?

The police are way ahead of us. Willows has been told by police to remove one chalky message. She tells the Tottenham Journal:

“I’m prepared to stand trial for this, but I don’t think I would ever be arrested and I don’t think any judge in the land would throw the book at me for what I’m doing.”


“With two little children it just fills me with horror… there seems to be a plague of it in Crouch End. I never remember it being this bad.”

On a separate, but related note, when was the last time any reader saw white dog poo? Did it, like Mike Yarwood, die out in the 1970s..?

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