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Shrien Dewani: What Really Happened At The Priory

by | 12th, April 2011

SHRIEN Dewani, a suspect in the murder of his wife Anni Dewani in South Africa, has been involved in a “bust up” at The Priory.

The Sun features the news on its front page. We learn:

HONEYMOON murder suspect Shrien Dewani was yesterday kicked out of The Priory clinic after police arrested him over “a disturbance”.

The words “kicked out” are loaded, aren’t they? They suggest that Mr Dewani is the aggressor.

The Sun then adds:

Police will not say if Dewani, 31, attacked anyone or was himself attacked. But the incident was serious enough to be considered a breach of his bail.

The impression is that Dewani has doens wrong. He has “breached” his bail.

But might it be that a man with acute mental illness has been removed to a place better suited to treating him?

The Press Association tells us that he is now at Somerset’s Cygnet Hospital:

Set in 16 acres of landscaped grounds overlooking the Bristol Channel, the Cygnet Hospital offers “a tranquil and therapeutic environment to provide care and treatment for those individuals with complex mental illness”. The majority of its beds are in a low secure setting but on site is also an intensive community rehabilitation service for men.

The Mirror adds:

But at a hearing at Bristol Magistrates’ Court today, it was decided his psychiatric healthcare needs would be best met at the Cygnet Hospital, his brother Preyen Dewani said.

Following the Sun’s front-page splash, “Dewani arrested in Proiry bust up”, the facts are looking less and less sensational.

What do we know about goings on at the Priory? The Sun says:

A source close to the family said Dewani’s Priory bust-up was down to a “violent adverse reaction” to anti-depressants. The source added: “Over the weekend he was loud and noisy. There were a number of violent outbursts.


“Doctors decided he’d be better catered for elsewhere.”

Another source adds:

“He had a reaction to his medication which meant he was loud and noisy. There was no fight or argument but one female resident got in a heated discussion with him and taunted him, saying, ‘You should go back to South Africa’.”

The Telegraph quotes Dewani’s media handler Max Clifford:

“He’s not been very happy. There have been some dramas.”

Well, yes…

Mr Dewani denies any involvement in his wife”s murder.

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