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Israeli Prime Minister Hates Justin Bieber Or Something

by | 13th, April 2011

JUSTIN Bieber has slowly been revealing himself as a little superbrat. An impressive feat seeing as he’s only a matter of minutes old, still dripping in amniotic juices and placental gunk.

Rumour has it that, despite not having grown a proper set of finger nails yet, the pint sized popstar is already cheating on his celebrity girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and has been caught flipping the bird at the paparazzi after they took his picture repeatedly (not that he likes the attention and the riches and privilege that comes with being someone in the public consciousness constantly).

And so, our Justin has been whining about the paps intruding his space while he visited Israel. He wanted to walk where Jesus walked. Of course, Jesus didn’t exist, so he may as well book a holiday to Gumdrop Island next year and try to recreate the life of the living Sugared Almond Monster who craps out legions of fairies in jack boots.

Thanks to his constant twitter whines, saying that the paparazzo should be “ashamed of themselves” for shooting away in a place of worship (yeah, like Bieber was showing his respects by attracting needless attention to the place, spoiling prayers for everyone else, the little shit), it would appear that the Israeli president just can’t be bothered with him.

Israel’s prime minister has basically cancelled a meeting with Bieber because he seems like a monster in the making.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said on Wednesday that Bieber representatives raised the idea of a meeting and that the Israeli leader “was open” to the possibility. He wanted Justin to meet a bunch of children who had survived a rocket attack in Gaza.

Bieber, it seems, can’t be bothered to meet this poor unfortunates, because, unlike them and their disfigured torsos and horrifying nightmares of nearly being blown to mince, Bieber has real problems like grown men taking his photograph.

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