Anorak News | Gaddafi’s Black Rapists Give Trump Oil To Grind Obama Over Libya

Gaddafi’s Black Rapists Give Trump Oil To Grind Obama Over Libya

by | 17th, April 2011

DONALD Trump may yet be President of the USA as he attacks Obams on Libya, a place overrun by Gaddafi’s rapists.

BILLIONAIRE businessman Donald Trump, who is flirting with a White House run, … said that by failing to move more decisively in its foreign policy, ”this country is a laughing stock throughout the world”…

“Look at Libya. Look at this mess,” an exasperated Trump said.

“We go in, we don’t go in, he shouldn’t be removed, we don’t want to remove him, we don’t want to touch him, but he should be removed. Nobody knows what they’re doing on Gaddafi.

“I’d do one thing. Either I’d go in and take the oil or I don’t go in at all,” he said.

Meanwhile in Libya, rape is now a weapon of war for Colonel Muammar Gadaffi’s soldiers:

Leila’s ordeal in front of her sons, aged three and five, was described to Khalifa al-Sharkassi, a doctor, and is one of many accounts I have heard in which Gadaffi’s forces have used rape to destroy the lives of women.

In the besieged port of Misrata I was told by doctors and an official of more than a dozen cases — including gang rapes.

In one case, an official from Misrata told me that four sisters were systematically raped by a group of soldiers from Tawurga, east of the city. Tawurga has a largely black African population, originating from the days of slavery. Many of these Africans have been recruited to Gadaffi’s forces to bolster his grandiose posturing as “King of Africa” and are despised by Libyan Arabs.

“Their brothers have vowed to seek revenge in Tawurga once the war is over,” the official said. The rapes were always brutal, sometimes fuelled by Viagra apparently handed out to Gadaffi’s men, sometimes simply by the desire to punish and humiliate…

In the rebel-controlled east, said Sharkassi, many girls have asked their brothers or fathers to kill them rather than let them be violated by Gadaffi’s military.

Grim stuff, and all too believable. But although the Sunday Times publishes the allegation as fact, the fingering of the black immigrants has shades of old news that the Libyan rebels are anti-immigration nationalists. Rape stirs emotions. It is the fate worse than death.

The story serves to remind us that the Allies are on the side of the angels. But are we? Or are we just fighting for control of the oil..?

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