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Helen Wood And The Boiling Kettle: Wayne Rooney Named In Sex And Guns Story

by | 18th, April 2011

HELEN Wood remains “ROO’S TART” on the cover of the Daily Star. Whereas Wayne Rooney has been petted with “Rooney”, “Roon” and “Wayne”, Wood, a woman who appears to be honest about her former profession (she claims to be no longer working as a prostitute) is a “TART” and a “HOOKER” – her billing always proceed by an emphasis to the charmless England footballer.

The latest non story about Wood is that she is to be scared stupid or worse – yesterday we read of her claims to have shagged all manner of professional types: judge, copper, footballer (Chelsea and Man United), actor, politician, “VIP”. She has so far declined to name any of them.

Today the Star picks up the theme of relating a story without any actual facts or evidence by screaming:

WAYNE Rooney hooker Helen Wood faces death threats after celebrity romps behind her gangster boyfriend’s back. Word has gone out in the underworld to “silence” the 24-year-old call girl.

The “gangster” is Louis Larsson, formerly Louis Kettle. He is said to be “livid”.

What of the facts?

The 25-year-old mobster, who is serving five years for weapons smuggling, is said to be “horrified’’ by her tittle-tattle. Some of his former underworld contacts fear she may lift the lid on their antics and are taking steps to stop her talking.

Said by whom? We are not given a name.

A whistleblower describing himself as “an associate” of Larsson, said he had been shown weapons in the boot of a car designed to “put the frighteners” on Wood. He said: “Everyone wants her silenced.’’

Everyone? Her jailed boyfriend wants the woman selling her story to the press to be silenced? And we know this because an unnamed man says he’s been shown weapons by an unnamed man that will scare Wood out of selling her incredible stories of shagging minicab drivers for cash?

Wow, indeed. Expect lots more breathless news of Wood in the Star


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