Anorak News | Britain’s Got Talent: Daily Mail Says Show Has Slumped All Over Its Front Page

Britain’s Got Talent: Daily Mail Says Show Has Slumped All Over Its Front Page

by | 18th, April 2011

ODD of the Daily Mail to highlight the apparent fact that “A MILLION VIEWERS SWTICH OFF BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT”.

TV reviewer Simon Cable (nominative determinism, readers) brings news that Britain’s Got Talent is no longer so popular by, er, telling Mail readers on the paper’s front page:

“It has been described as ‘a national obsession.”

It has. Simon Cable just did it on the front page of the Daily Mail.

According to ITV1 figures, the first show of the fifth series drew a peak audience of 10.9million on Saturday – 1.3million down on last year’s opening night.

But is it so bad? In 2001, the  Independent told us:

The first episode in the new series of Britain’s Got Talent drew a record peak audience of 12.2 million viewers, ITV said. The figure – which equated to a 49 per cent audience share on Saturday night – was the highest for a launch episode of the show.

Those opening night numbers:

2007: 5.20m
2008: 8.8m
2009: 10.52m
2010: 12.2m
2011: 10.9m

Anorak is not here to champion BGT, but is recording the second highest audience opening night figures in its admittedly short history a slump?If Cable wants to watch a Saturday night show dying on its feet, she should tune into Sing If You Can:

“Sing If You Can offers viewers a chance to see celebrities well and truly out of their comfort zone. During the series, singer and actor Ray Quinn will make his debut as a rapper!”

And his final curtain call….

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