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China Cures Global Warming By Dictating To Australian Idiots

by | 21st, April 2011

HOW tragic it is that the masses are allowed to vote on things they just do not understand. They are so very thick. Luckily, Sydney Morning Herald columnist Elizabeth Farrelly is one of the elite 20% who know that the stupid 80% with IQs of 80 should not be allowed to decide things for themselves. Take the issue of global warming in a piece entitled: “Democracy is blocking intelligence”:

For one person to live in an acre of grass and trees is perfectly harmless, even lovable. But for the numberless hordes to do it means an end to wilderness, clean air and polar bears…

Whether non-democracies such as China will negotiate the rapids of the coming century more adroitly remains to be seen. Certainly, freed from any need to pander to the 80/80 rule, they have at least one freedom Western-style democracies do not have – the freedom to act decisively.

Dictatorships is so much better at handling humnaity and Gaia. Leave the technology to the better classes. Give the masses a hammer and sickle…

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