Anorak News | Australian Woman Owns A Vagina On Wheels

Australian Woman Owns A Vagina On Wheels

by | 21st, April 2011

THE Australian Roads and Traffic Authority have invited Kristen Perry asking to explain her ‘‘Kiki’’ number plate. As Old Mr Anorak’s ping-pong team know, the word Kiki means “vagina” in the Filipino language of Tagalog (see winter tour notes of season 2001-2002).

Perry says that the term is a reference to her nickname, which she has owned since birth. Campaigners may consider this the tin lid on a box of indecency – a viper’s nest of deviancy – but it is all innocent. The RTA has now withdrawn its demands. Says Kiki:

‘‘I rang my father last night and said: ‘Do you know you have been calling me vagina all my life?’. He just said ‘What?’ He was appalled.’’

The report goes on:

Mrs Perry said Kiki was a shortening of her name in the Greek language and the number plates were given to her by her husband, Steven, five years ago – first on a Mini before she upgraded to a Porsche.

After kidzz, many women have a 4×4.

He has a mini.

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