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Morrissey Talks About David Cameron, Like You Care

by | 21st, April 2011

MORRISSEY, rock’s longest face, has refuted claims that he banned suet faced Prime Minister David Cameron from his dressing room at a concert.

The fact is, Mozza probably didn’t have to ban Cameron from his shows because the coalition leader will have no doubt been sneered at by bespectacled Smiths fans, all pathetically grazing his back with their well thumbed Morrissey scrapbooks, pomade and NHS hearing aids.

Seeing as Cameron is a Tory, he’s completely oblivious to criticism. You could call him the most unspeakable insult right to his puddingy head, and he’d spin it into some kind of discourse about something so tedious, that you’ll end up killing yourself at his feet, which he’d then use as encouragement to carrying the devastating cuts, as tribute to you.


Either way, the former The Smiths slammed Cameron for his stag-hunting hobby and, as every single Smiths’ fan knows inside-out, to the point of making their mother’s worry (whom they still live with), Mozza is a committed vegetarian and animal rights activist.

The news that Cameron just lurves The Smiths, it would have no doubt got Morrissey’s back up.

However, the bequiffed singer has now spoken to clear up these rumours.

Morrissey told BBC Radio 4, to approximately nine listeners:

“He has been to many, many Morrissey concerts and (a newspaper) at one stage wrote that I had banned him from coming backstage, which of course is absolute c**p. But it’s a mystery. I have never met him. He has never knocked on the dressing room door.

“When you make music, of course you are happy that anybody listens, whoever that may be, but (when it’s) somebody with such an extreme lifestyle as David Cameron, killing stags as a hobby, (for) sport, you’re mystified. I just can’t see how it joins.”

So there you have it. Morrissey loves David Cameron. Forever. IDST.

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