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Fat Is Contagious, Says Social Science

by | 23rd, April 2011

JONAH Lehrer says fat is contagious. You can catch fat from the fat. The fat are carriers.  He’s read the science that says that when we see fat people we eat more:

[T]his research begins to explain how obesity moves through a social network. It turns out that the habits of others shape our own, that we unconsciously regress to the dietary norms around us. Because we’re not particularly good at noticing when we’re sated and full – the stomach is a crude sensory organ – we rely on all sorts of external cues to tell us how much to eat. Many of these cues from other people, which is why our eating habits are so contagious.

If that is true, why does everyone on the telly and in Government appear to be two stones lighter than they were when we were all on rations? Which makes us wonder if Winston Churchill can be blemed for the apparent epidemic of fat..?

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