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Police Fail In Mission To Spark Second Riot In Bristol

by | 28th, April 2011

FOLLOWING the riot in Bristol, Ian Bone wonders if the police are on a mission to spak a second wave of cargy-bargy?

Unbelievably given what happened in Stokes Croft, the police have once more been behaving heavy handed trying to close down an open air community cinema screening in Mina Rd Park in St Werburghs – presumably because the films being screened was citizen journalism coverage of the Stokes Croft riot – and despite several film screenings having been shown in the park before with police agreement.


Apparently a road block was set up, a police helicopter circled overhead and the film cameras confiscated. The police then informed the audience (who had been quietly sitting waiting for the film to start) that the event was a rave!

Some of the crowd decided to leave the park to watch the film in a nearby house, so the police decided to establish a perimeter around the house refusing to allow anybody else in, and threatened to arrest anyone leaving or entering the area.

Eventually, after about 1/2 hour or so of the police throughly annoying a whole new bunch of people they give up and leave having achieved absolutely nothing except further alienation of the local community.


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