Anorak News | Osama Bin Laden Dead: Newspaper Front Page Push Fear, Joy And Hate

Osama Bin Laden Dead: Newspaper Front Page Push Fear, Joy And Hate

by | 3rd, May 2011

OSAMA bin Laden is dead and the news media use the demise of the Al Qaeda leader to push their own agendas. Let’s look at the those front page-headlines:

“Killed in his lair – Now the West Fears reprisals” – i

A day of hope and “mission accomplished” is turned into a time of fear.

“Justice is done” – The Times echoes the words of Obama, who in his broadcast uses the death to bolster his own credentials. He begins:

“Good evening. Tonight, I can report to the American people…”

This was personal. Four words into his address he uses the first person. Let’s not judge the vanity to harshly – other leaders may have used the “I” earlier.


Grim. But, apparently, true.

Via a video camera fixed to the helmet of a U.S. Navy Seal, the leader of the free world saw the terror chief shot in the left eye.


Did he? Other reports say he shot her. But maybe she died in the crossfire? And as for the weeping, a guy who loved martyrdom, sure took a long time to perish.

“BIN BAGGED” – The Sun

The Sun says Bin Laden used his wife as a shield.

“He died cowering behind his wife” – Telegraph

“COWARD TO THE END” – Daily Express

OSAMA BIN LADEN used his wife as a human shield in a last desperate attempt to save his own life before he was gunned down by US special forces in his hideout in Pakistan.

“ONE MAN’S WAR” – Independent

A middle-aged nonentity, a political failure outstripped by history – by the millions of Arabs demanding freedom and democracy in the Middle East – died in Pakistan yesterday. And then the world went mad.

Fresh from providing us with a copy of his birth certificate, the American President turned up in the middle of the night to provide us with a live-time death certificate for Osama bin Laden, killed in a town named after a major in the army of the old British Empire.

“REVENGE” – Scotsman

So. Not justice like the Times says, then?

“GOT HIM – Vengeance at last – US nails the bastard” – New York Post


Really? The papers cranks up the fear. But there is no new warning has been issued. It’s just a guess.

TERROR warlords are ready to nuke Britain in revenge for Osama bin Laden’s death, it was feared last night.

“World braces itself for revenge attacks” – The Herald

THE world is today on red alert after terrorist leader Osama bin Laden was killed in a daring raid by US special forces. The world’s most wanted man, whoinspired numerous atrocities, from the 9/11 attacks in the US to the July 7 London bombings,

“US gets its man – but how could he hide for so long?” – Guardian

The Obama administration is demanding an explanation from Pakistan on how Osama bin Laden was able to hide in the country for so long before he was killed by US special forces.

“Death of the bogeyman” – Belfast Telegraph

The bogeyman did not exists. Osama did.


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