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Lady GaGa Bans Ice Cubes And Eats Like A Dullard

by | 4th, May 2011

SOMETIMES it feels like Lady GaGa single handedly revived pop. With that, it is fair to say she’s the current queen of pop culture, which gives her the chance to turn into a self-aware kook. God knows we need some oddballs in music at the moment, especially given that rock music is currently riddled with men who are about as thrilling as a post-match interview with Michael Owen.

So with that, GaGa has decided to ban ice-cubes from her concerts.

Why? Well, it would appear that she’s terrified that those who attend her shows will lob them at her head while she performs.

Apparently, the Judas singer has banned all concert venue bars from stocking ice cubes an hour before she totters on stage with those weird non-heeled shoes.

In addition to this, GaGa’s rider has been leaked, showing a rather dull list of demands (not a patch on the hilarious rider of The Stooges, which includes ‘Panda gonads’ and ‘somebody dressed as Bob Hope’) which reveal a rather disappointing healthy eating regime. We’re talking dried fruit and natural yoghurt here.

The rider also notes that GaGa’s meals are more than likely to contain: “grilled chicken breast with rice, healthy white fish with salad” rather than something interesting like ‘Unicorn face, flash fried in cocaine and rocking horse tears’.

And listed as ‘very important’ is lemongrass tea.

*sigh* What did we say about her being a kook? Forgeddit.


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