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David Hasselhoff To Do Lovejoy’s Hamlet

by | 6th, May 2011

DAVID Hasselhoff, famous for being a cloying dad who ran on the beach with a red handbag and chatting to a smug car, is judging Britain’s Got Talent.

We know him as the otherworldly Hollywood-type who serves to make Simon Cowell, whom he is replacing for a while, look rugged and natural of face.

But The Hoff wants to connect with us, and tell us that he knows the UK is about more than just sarcasm, damp and regret.

Says Hoff to Piers Morgan:

“I just haven’t had the right role yet, and I don’t think it’s ever going to come, because The Hoff has taken over. I’d like to remake Lovejoy, I loved Lovejoy, I think it’s great. I’d like to do Lawrence of Arabia. I’d say I’d like to do Hamlet, but I don’t think so, it’s too hard, long hours.”

Having tricked off three British classics, Anorak wonders if in The Hoff will be further briefed by his PR and return to tell us of his desire to play Marcus from Eldroado in Dickens Does Zee Cars

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