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Looking For Raoul Moat: Sun Auditions Dave Cawston

by | 9th, May 2011

DAVE Cawston, of Costessey, near Norwich, is said to have told the Sun he would “make Raoul Moat look like a f****** fairy”.

Armed with an airgun in his house, and with police in attendance, Cawston did as any nutter would: he called the tabloid. He tells the Sun’s man on the phone:

“I could gun them down… look at what Raoul Moat done to them. I ain’t joking.”


“No I f****** don’t mate. If I were to go roving, I’d make him look like a f****** fairy. I’d go and get a couple of Mac-10s and do a Terminator.”

Anorak wonders how many times the journalist asked Cawston if he saw himself as the new Raoul Moat before he got a quote?

Most, of course, was the doorman who shot an unarmed policeman in the face, murdered an armed man and shot an unarmed woman. He went on the run. The manhunt was tuned into a chance for telly watchers and newspaper readers to look at hacks stood in fields in Northumberland, holding big guns and excitedly wondering how many more would die.

Thus, having cranked up the drama, the Sun ends its piece with a short PS:

A MAN was charged last night with possession of an air weapon with intent to cause fear or violence.

And that was it…

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