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Quentin Tarantino And Lady GaGa To Team Up For A Movie?

by | 12th, May 2011

SEEING as Quentin Tarantino allowed Lady GaGa to use the Kill Bill Pussywagon in the singer’s promotional video for Telephone, it isn’t surprising that the film director is looking at GaGa and thinking of putting her in one of his films.

And what better way to try and sweeten the deal than by getting Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to butter up the Judas singer while on a jolly at the Cannes Film Festival? Unless they tried to adopt her, which could be kinda irritating.

Either way, it comes as no surprise that the Pulp Fiction director is a fan of GaGa (he’s obviously a big Madonna nut too and the comparisons are unavoidable) and he’s aware that Gaga is a big fan of Brad and Angelina. So all four of them met up and had a nice time, with three of them talking behind their hands saying “What in shit’s name is she wearing? You can almost see what she’s had for her lunch in that clobber!”


A source, who has probably met none of the aforementioned celebrities, but who are we to turn a quote down, says:

“When she heard they were both in Cannes, too, she mentioned that she’d love to have them come and watch the show. So Quentin gave his pal Brad a bell to ask the couple to join them.

“It’s no secret Quentin’s been eyeing up Gaga for a role in one of his up-and-coming films. And now they’re both in Cannes, he’s keen to show off his movie star credentials.”

The source added:

As one fiery woman to another, Gaga’s always been really into Ange and she thinks the glamorous location of Cannes is just the place for them to get pally.”

We can assume that GaGa would rather enjoy starring in a Tarantino film as she’ll get to dress in cartoonish period gear while swearing like a trooper before indulging in some extreme, ultraviolence.

In fairness, who doesn’t want that?

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