Anorak News | Imogen Thomas Is ‘Cracking Up’ On Twitter (Still Gagging for It?)

Imogen Thomas Is ‘Cracking Up’ On Twitter (Still Gagging for It?)

by | 13th, May 2011

IMOGEN Thomas is “Cracking Up”. So says the Daily Star in:


IMOGEN Thomas last night revealed her super injunction hell has driven her to the brink of a breakdown.

What super-injunction? A super injunction means a ban on even reporting on the injunction. This is no such thing. This is an injunction banning anyone, including Thomas, from revealing the name of the married Premier League footballer player she was apparently shagging because it would damage his family.

Says the Star:

Imogen Thomas’s affair with a Premier League footballer, who she cannot name, sparked a Twitter hate campaign.

One remedy for her would be to not read Twitter.

The Big Brother babe, 28, says she is regularly called “a slag” or “whore”.

People can be judgemental about woman who appeared on the telly show now brodcast on Channel Five, owned by Richard Desmond, who also owns the… Daily Star.

She told fans: “I’m having a little breakdown… I’m so low, depressed.

So. She has “fans”? Are things that bad, then?

Last night pals feared she had gone into mental meltdown after pouring out her heart on Twitter. She wrote: “I actually think im having a little breakdown…crazy. 1 minute im feeling ok (as ok can be), the next im so low, depressed. Need my mum. I had the most weird dream about Mr Justice Eady last night. I sleep, eat and breathe the situation.’’

So. To recaps: Imogen Thomas, who has pals and fans, tells anyone on Twitter about her dreams of the judge who imposed the injunction and her mental health. She is upset that not everyone who bothers to respond is supportive?

She wrote: “Can the haters stop writing me? Don’t you think I have suffered enough?’’

Haters hate. It’s what they do.

Last night a friend of the model said: “We’re all desperately worried about her. She is in pieces over this. Her whole world has just fallen apart.’’

Still, on the brighter note, she is front-page news.


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