Anorak News | Wikileaks Becomes What It Once Hated: Read Assange’s Staff Contract Here

Wikileaks Becomes What It Once Hated: Read Assange’s Staff Contract Here

by | 14th, May 2011

ANORAK has yet to be made to hand over any leaked documents on super injunctions to Wikileaks’ boss Julian Assange, but such a drive to recruit us all to Julian’s big idea cannot be fear away. The Guardian‘s James Ball – once a freind of Wikileaks – has more on Assange ‘s pursuit of secrecy:

It was January this year, and around 10 WikiLeaks staff and volunteers were working from Norfolk, where Julian Assange is confined thanks to his legal travails.

Julian arrived with a copy of this document for everyone in the room, and asked all to sign it there and then, to demonstrate to all present they were trustworthy and decent. Unlike everyone else present – who were largely young activists with little or no professional training – I read the document first …

I refused to sign, and listed several reasons why. At this point, more than one person in the room asked for their copy of the agreement back. This was refused.

Julian then proceeded to spend two hours – shouting – explaining why I must sign the document, or else risk the lives and wellbeing of everyone in the room, and never be trusted again.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg also used to work for Wikileaks. He now runs Says he:

“WikiLeaks has become what it despises: a repressive organisation, using restrictive contracts to gag its staffers, cultivating intransparency and unaccountability.”

Domscheit-Berg, who was once one of Assange’s closest associates, said he felt “sorry … for all those new staffers that had no idea what they were getting into” in working for WikiLeaks.

So. Has Julian Assange’s vanity and fame wrecked Wikileaks..?

Want to read the NDA? Here is it – click HERE.

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