Anorak News | Daily Mail Uses A Vandalised Bikini Poster To Turn All Muslims Into Criminals

Daily Mail Uses A Vandalised Bikini Poster To Turn All Muslims Into Criminals

by | 16th, May 2011

ANTI-Muslim story of the day comes to us via the Daily Mail, which thunders:

Censored! Bikini advert blacked out with spray paint by ‘Muslim extremists who object to women in swimsuits’

The very busy “Daily Mail Reporter” has news on those darn Muslims:

She is supposed to be advertising a sexy bikini. But instead the model on this poster, in Birmingham, has been defaced in an act of vandalism blamed on militant Muslims who were offended by her flesh.

Blamed by whom? Christian fundamentalist? Youths? Perverts? Daily Mail readers who hated her cellulite?

Similar acts of vandalism have been carried out in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. Police there also believe extremists are responsible.

Believe. Are the police paid to believe anything? One site chimes: “Radical Muslims Deface Bikini Ad.”

The advert, which promotes a £3.99 bikini top from high-street fashion retailer H&M, a scantily-dressed model stands on a sun-kissed, white sand beach.

What evidence it was Muslims who are criminals?

The freestanding advertising unit, stands in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham, which has a large Muslim population.

How large we are not told. But in 2007, the Evening Standard reported that 60% of the locals are “Pakistani Muslims”.

What other evidence does the Mail have that Muslims are criminals?

Across the road from Muslim Students House Masjeed, an education centre, the poster is next to a busy main road.

Also on that main road there is a Lidl supermarket. And you know that those Lidl shoppers can be link, eh, readers.

The fact that almost all of the model’s flesh has been covered has led local residents to speculate that the vandalism was not random, but a religiously-motivated targetted attack.

An “attack” on a poster? And what’s this about suspecting an attack?

Delivery driver Robert Tonkins, 45, said: “You see a lot of women wearing the hijab around here, and what’s been done to that poster looks very similar to it.”

Anyone else got an opinion worth quoting? No. We just hear one view:

“I don’t think it’s just kids messing around – they’ve spray-painted specific areas and covered up anything that might be offensive to very religious people.”

And after the speculation, we get the pay off:

“It’s a bit worrying, I don’t think it’s up to other people to decide what can and can’t be displayed on our streets, especially because we’re a Christian country.”

If only those Muslims could respect this Christian land and learn to appreciate the things we put up on the walls. Why-oh-why-oh-why can’t these Muslims be more like, say, the Christians of Northern Ireland, who do love their street art?

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