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N-Dubz Tulisa To Take Dannii Minogue’s Place On X Factor

by | 16th, May 2011

BRITAIN at large is transformed when The X Factor rolls into town. Basically, the whole country is carved up into two camps – those that hate the show and those that don’t watch it.

It’s all going to become more rampant too, as the show is being launched in the USofA who won’t know what’s bloody hit them once it all kicks off. American Idol is going to look like a gentle stroll through a tumbleweed factory by the first week of Simon Cowell’s dastardly, engrossing brainchild hitting the small screens.

And of course, Cowell will be over in America with Cheryl Cole in tow, leaving two high profile judges missing of the UK equivalent.

Sadly, we’ll still have Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow is pretty much confirmed to sit and mutter pleasantries about contestants. Neither of these men are particularly glamorous, which is why Dannii Minogue has now become absolutely vital to the programme, despite being made almost entirely of pointlessness.

Wait. What? She’s leaving too?

Step forward, N-Dubz Tulisa. That’s right. The latest Girl From Next Door (Off The Estates, Come Good) is Tulisa who, despite being in one of the most grating pop groups of recent years, as turned out to be incredibly likeable when appearing on television.

We could well have a new ‘people’s princess’ on our hands. What? We’re supposed to routinely hate absolutely everyone, regardless?

We’ll have to wait and see if this gets set in concrete as Cowell won’t be making his official line-up announcement for a while yet. Either way, Tulisa has an amusing name, prone to occasional thickery, but all-in-all, is good value and very personable.

We hope she gets the gig. Not Dappy though. Anyone but Dappy.

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