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Madeleine McCann: As A Ward Of Court Will Our Maddie Reappear Only To Vanish Again?

by | 17th, May 2011

MADELEIENE McCann: How would the Metropolitan Police deal with Dr. Gerry and Dr. Kate McCann if they again demand answers and ask to see the evidence?

Almost three years ago and after the Portuguese Police had removed the Arguido (suspect) stigma from them, the couple tried to force Leicestershire police to hand over files which the police team, then co-operating with Portuguese police, was suspected to have amassed.

The action was brought by the parents acting in the name of missing daughter Madeleine. It was said to be so they could then hand the files to their private detectives – a company called Metodo 3.

Devoted followers of the Strange Case of the McCann Child will appreciate what an unmitigated disaster that link-up eventually appeared to be.

Costs to the publicly subscribed private fund started by the parents were estimated at over £500,000 and despite a lot of bluster and harrumphing the Spanish sleuths’ services were eventually terminated.

On: June 20, 2008, The Telegraph said:

“We can also disclose that Madeleine was made a ward of court last summer at the request of the McCanns, to empower judges to act in her best interests in any legal dispute such as the case which is about to be heard.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, said: “I can state that on the instigation of Gerry and Kate McCann Madeleine is a ward of the High Court of England and Wales.

“An application has been made on Madeleine’s behalf by her parents for disclosure of certain documents.”

The action was later withdrawn when Leics Police agreed to hand over 81 items of information.

Ward of Court is the description given to a minor who is the subject of a wardship order. It means custody of the minor is held by the Court and all decisions regarding who looks after the child, upbringing, schools and medical care must be approved by the Court.

Would anyone care to give odds on whether the couple will try to force the new Met Police investigators’ hand and demand to see the evidence they have gathered during the course of their inquiry? No sane punter would take the bet since some of the parents’ advisers may very well consider it could be another non-costly route to stir the pot for the renewed search actions the parents are repeatedly demanding.

It would do little or nothing to stir the Portuguese into a new and very expensive search operation for the child but may quash once and for all some of the anguish and stigma of the Arguido status.

Then again it may not.

Here is one question to mull over.

Madeleine McCann was found to be missing from the holiday apartment her parents had in Praia da Luz, Portugal,on the evening of May 3, 2007. Over four years ago. What if the Met inquiry has the perfect result and “Our” Maddie is found?

It would become one of the Greatest Stories Never To Be Told.

British Judges would at once impose the one thing the story’s followers -pro and anti McCanns alike – may not have thought of: a complete halt to all media coverage. There would be a total suppression. A black out.

The baying media pack would have nil access and the foundling will never ever be seen in public.

British Judges do not shirk their primary duty to protect a Ward of Court. For instance, you never will know the new whereabouts of the abducted Shannon Matthews.

“Our” Maddie will disappear completely and forever probably along with her sibling twins and Drs Gerry and Kate McCann.

Assuming Madeleine McCann had nothing at all to add to the circumstance surrounding her disappearance, all would be given completely new identities since the parents are instantly recognisable.

We may never hear from them again.

The best you are likely to get is an announcement of the success. No pictures or interviews. No Oprah Winfrey couch (although she is this week on her last ever show). No Fund raising or talks to learned seminars or action groups.

Lost & Found and one of the permanently disappeared, whatever the result of the new inquiry. – AGW

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