Anorak News | Birmingham Lad Finds Chewing Gum In Thick And Chewy Tesco Pizza

Birmingham Lad Finds Chewing Gum In Thick And Chewy Tesco Pizza

by | 20th, May 2011

CALLUM Fowler was shocked to find a half eaten piece of chewing gum in his Tesco pizza. Mum Jamie had bought the nipper a Tesco’s Italian meal form her local Tesco Extra store in New Oscott. Says she:

“I think it’s disgusting. I’d cut the pizza in half and given half to Callum and half to my other son Ollie. I was upstairs when Callum shouted up, ‘Mum, there’s something on my pizza.”


“I came downstairs and I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. It was a chewed up piece of gum. It’s disgraceful. Obviously the person making the pizza was munching away and it fell out of their mouth. I can’t believe they just left it there. Callum said he’ll never eat another pizza. Just the thought of it makes him ill.”

While Tesco apologies, Anorak recalls a story from a period spent treading the pavements in Kilburn, London. At the pizza eatery, I was stood behind a man and a woman. Both were drunk. The routine was to pay the bill as the cash desk after eating. The pair presented their bill to the cashier.  An exchange followed:

Cashier: So. Two pizzas…

Customer (woman): Yep!

Cashier: One thick and chewy…

Customer (male): Who the fuck you callin’ thick and chewy?!

A short brawl ensues during which the elder Old Mr Anorak advises in a firm whisper, “Make so eye contact. Look at no-one.”

You want your pizzas chewy, boy. You can’t handle it…

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