Anorak News | The Tale Of Jane Fonda, Her $55k False Teeth And Her Sex Life

The Tale Of Jane Fonda, Her $55k False Teeth And Her Sex Life

by | 20th, May 2011

WHEN you think of Jane Fonda, you may well think about her as an actress or fitness instructor or, indeed, something of a political activist (probably the coolest looking political activist ever, granted).

However, you can now think of her as having the most expensive gnashers in Hollywood as reports break out to much antipathy that the star has pooh-poohed the idea of splashing her riches on things like cars in favour having $55,000’s worth of false teeth in her face.

Of course, Fonda is famed for her age defying figure and looks (not harmed by the fact she’s had a bit of work done). She believes that a combination of sex, money, good genes and really pricey dentures have kept her looking good.

She says:

“See these teeth? They cost $55,000. It was teeth or a new car – and I opted for the teeth. That’s what I mean by good genes and money. It costs a lot to look the way I do, although the genes cost nothing. It’s not just the genes, the money and what you eat though. Sex is pretty important too.”

Admit it. You’re think about the logistics of having sex with a taut pensioner with her teeth slipping out of her mouth, aren’t you?

“I’m 71 and physically don’t feel so good since I’m in pain. But I’m happier, the sex is better and I understand life better. I don’t want to be young again. How do I still look good? I owe 30 per cent to my genes, 30 per cent good sex, 30 per cent are because of sports and healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and for the remaining ten per cent I’ve to thank my plastic surgeon.”

You’re still thinking about sex aren’t you? Disgusting.

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