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Imogen Thomas And The Footballer: How To Take A Secret Global

by | 21st, May 2011

IMOGEN Thomas has gone from zero to potential hero. The woman who days ago was labelled an alleged blackmailer is now the woman who could name the footballer who allegedly shagged her and then gagged her.

If you’re rich and want to keep your name out of the media, you take out a super-injunction.

Now, if you want your name to be whispered on social networks, your reputation tarnished and the story to grow ever bigger – the story of Imogen Thomas and the married footballer is today on the front pages of seven national newspapers – you take out a super-injunction and sue Twitter.

Anorak has two questions: What kind of advise do these people pay for? What kind of people act on it?

As Mark Stephens, a senior media lawyer at Finers Stephens Innocent, (who represents Julian Assange) says:

“This is not only scraping the bottom of the barrel, this is beneath the barrel. This [injunction] information is already available on servers outside of this jurisdiction and on website outside this jurisdiction. You would have to be a moron in a hurry to suggest to this footballer that he throw good money and publicly excoriate himself yet further.”

Note: Don’t name the footballer here, please. If you know who he is, just sit back and watch the show. The lawyers and agents have him surrounded – and they’re holding spades…

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