Anorak News | Milton Keynes Teachers In Hen Night Facebook Shame: Parents Study ‘Unsavoury’ Photos

Milton Keynes Teachers In Hen Night Facebook Shame: Parents Study ‘Unsavoury’ Photos

by | 21st, May 2011

TEACHERS at the Langland Community School in Milton Keynes, are shocking the internets with their raucous antics on a Hen Night.

The Mail says the images the revellers posted on Facebook are “unsavoury”. “Parents”, we learn, have “described it as ‘shocking’”.

The Mail sees fit to republish some of “unsavoury” photos and tell readers:

A parent of one pupil at the school spotted the pictures, printed off five pages of them and posted them through neighbours’ front doors. She included a letter which read: ‘If you are as appalled as I am by these images which these tramps post freely for the world to see, how safe are our children?”

Before you hazard a decent stab at an answer, know that the question is rhetorical:

“Answer, not very! Children might be seeing these images.”

Well, if they find them on Facebook, check the doormat for mail, or check the Mail for, er, doormats, then yes, the kids might see the photos and thus be placed in the unsafe category.

The letter goes on:

“What does this tell you about this school and how it is being run?”

It tells us that some of the teachers are in favour of marriage. And… Oh, go on, you tell us:

“These women teach my children, but not for much longer. I say remove the scum and get Mr Pickard [the previous head] back in to sort out this mess before it gets any worse.”

Only Mr Pickard can prevent more teachers making more images of themselves having fun. We do not know if Mr Pickard exists, but if he doesn’t it matters not. Mr Pickard is our watchword for decency in the pre-Internet environment. He is most likely in New York right this moment being evoked to stop kidz seeing those porno portraits as they gawp into the windows of art galleries, as is the wont of all nippers.

Meanwhile, the Mail names a few of the teachers pictured having what experts call “a laugh”. They are: Victoria Courtis, Key Stage 2 manager Rebecca Gilbert (yes, the madness has reached as far as Stage 2; how long before stages 3, 4 and – gulp! – 5 are infected?), Jenna Austin and deputy head Donna Christy.

The other two in the group are not named, but sources suggest to Anorak they might be a leading Premier League footballer and an actor who was overlooked for a part in Inner Space.

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