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Couple Kicked Out Of Cannock’s No Knickers Swingers Pub

by | 24th, May 2011

KEVIN Scott and his wife Kat run the Crystal Fountain pub in Cannock, Staffordshire. Well, they did. It turns out that the couple run the venue as a swingers’ club. The Scotts, billed as “committed doggers” are dammant that “full sex” does not occur on the premises. Like most other pubs, Anorak imagines it occurs in the car park.

Says he:

“It’s just a social event, you won’t see any shagging or anything like that, although you never know, you will probably see someone getting a b*** j** or some other kind of play. We have all sorts coming from straights to gays to bi-sexuals to transvestites to transsexuals. You name it and they will be there. But it’s not seedy, it is not like the 1970s or something.”

No. In the 1970s, you could enjoy a post-coital smoke in pubs. Much has changed. And pubs are suffering. If sex  can get the punters in, then it must be worth a punt. Chuck in a few computers, free online porn and bowls of Shreddies and you’ve brought the Snug into the 21st Century.

“It is just a place for like-minded people to get together and meet other people without any pressure – although I do have a no knickers rule which I always enforce. That helps to keep the atmosphere jovial.”

Nothing seedy about a middle-aged man checking your knickers before you enter the premises. It’s what public schools have been doing for years. It is the very stuff of empire…

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