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Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Snub Is A Cynical PR Lie: And We Love It

by | 27th, May 2011

CHERYL Cole was dropped from the US X Factor because her accent was too thick for Americans. Yeah – those are the same Americans of whom seven out of ten can’t pronounce the name of her replacement Nicole Scherzinger and would buy a gun made of processed cheese.

Well, that’s the PR. And the PR is now in full overdrive, spinning the story of how an overrated pocket-sized Geordie with a decent punch went to America and came home.

And Cole’s return is great news for us. Really, it is. It is! According to the Daily Star’s front page, Cole has been detailed to “save the UK X Factor“.

The Daily Star manages to damn the X Factor and big up Cole as a selfless saint of telly:

CHERYL Cole is being hauled back from America to save the British version of the show. Cheryl Cole has been offered a huge “sweetener’’ to rescue the ailing programme – but it will leave her US dream in tatters.

Golly gosh! Who can save Cheryl from this hell? A “source” arrives to tell us:

“Channel 5 bosses have said she’d be ideal to front the new series of Big Brother.”

Is that Channel 5 owned by Richard Desmond, owner of…The Daily Star.

So. As Our Chezza “bounces back” to the UK (the front page of Desmond’s Daily Express) to save Simon Cowell’s UK show, the Mail leads with:

“Humiliated Cheryl set to snub Cowell.”

Or as a source trills:

One ITV insider said: ‘Of course we would be glad to have her back. She is Cheryl Cole.’

Why so many unnamed sources. Is talking about Cole a top secret? After all, the X Factor does not manipulate a compliant press, does it? The X Factor, a show that persues sensation and headlines like a dog chases a pooey stick does not contrive to foment drama.

So. To recap. Cheryl Cole heads to the US. Just before the show is due to start, Cheryl Cole leaves the US and rejoin the UK Factor. The Sun (Cheryl: I never saw it coming), and Mirror (“I’ve been stitched up by Cowell”) lead with the pantomime news of Good Cheryl being the innocent abroad and Bad Simon Cowell being the nasty sod.

The X Factor is back – the most cynical, contrived show on the magic box is returning to our screens. And the PRs are back in force…


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