Anorak News | Police And Media Blame Rapture for Victor Frasno’s Death: No Evidence

Police And Media Blame Rapture for Victor Frasno’s Death: No Evidence

by | 27th, May 2011

RIP Victor Frasno. The 25-year-old is said by the Mail to have believed in Harold Camping’s rapute. In a bid to “get to God” before the earthquake that would shake the planet from its roots, he drowned swimming in the 80-acre reservoir in Contra Loma Regional Park, Antioch, Claifornia.

The Mail says:

Authorities pulled Frasno’s body out of the lake just before midnight on Friday. Judgement Day was pegged for the next day based on a prediction by Oakland-based evangelist Harold Camping and his Family Radio group.

But the local Contra Costa Times says:

Authorities pulled his body from the lake at 11:20 p.m. Friday, 20 minutes after the first of a series of world-ending earthquakes were supposed to have begun, according to an Oakland-based radio evangelist’s Judgment Day prediction.

The Mail can’t even rewrite someone else’s news story properly.

As for the rapture theory, Detective Holly Sontag, tells the Contra Costa Times:

“I believe it probably had something to do with the rapture because this wasn’t his normal behaviour.”

No. Drowning is rarely a repeat pattern. And don’t you just love the police when they words like “believe“?

Reading on we get:

Despite the evidence linking the drowning to Judgement Day hysteria, Frasno’s family told police they weren’t aware he was or had been influenced by Camping’s group, Det Sontag said.

Evidence? What evidence? Still, the copper has more to add:

‘The family never said anything related to rapture, but our sense is that was probably what happened,’ she added.

So much for the hysteria…


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