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Killer Cucumbers March Across Europe: Kidney Beans Rejoice

by | 28th, May 2011

STOP! Step away from the cucumber. The Mail’s has news served in a headline yell:

Major food alert as two people in Britain diagnosed with E.coli strain from cucumber that has killed two in Germany

Reading on, we learn that this is not one lone cucumber working alone to avenge the death of millions of its kind and beign forced to go straight until an EU directive, rather an entite army of them.

Killer cucumbers’ from the Almeria and Malaga provinces in Spain are now thought to be the cause of the infections. But other salad items such as tomatoes and lettuce may also be the source of the bug.

Two have died in Germany. Others are ill.

The Daily Express picks up the story on its fornt page:


The highly dangerous E.coli strain, understood to have come from a contaminated batch of organic Spanish cucumbers, has put 300 people in hospital across Europe, many fighting for their lives in intensive care.

The story then adds, rather bizarrely:

At least 500 chance of developing cancer could be slashed by eating three servings of fibre each day.

A bowl of high-fibre cereal, two slices of wholemeal bread and a portion of kidney beans each day would be enough to offer most people substantial protection against tumours.

Anorak will reserve judgement on damning cucumbers until we can prove that they have not been framed by the kidney beans…

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