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Fifa, Nazis, Corruption And How Money Always Wins

by | 28th, May 2011

FIFA is in the mire. Almost six months down the line following Fifa’s firm kick in the goolies to English World Cup aspirations – and the whole rotten House of Cards seems to be getting more than very shaky.

The Fifa ethics committees is now investigating BOTH presidential candidates after the urbane, charming and very nice Sepp Blatter was shopped by the already accused Mohamed Bin Hammam, his rival in next week’s presidency election. Mohamed – who knows more than most – says Blatter knew about alleged cash payments.

Blatter is being benched on Sunday.

Fifa executive members Bin Hammam and vice-president Jack Warner will also be at Sunday’s hearing to answer charges of bribery.
Blatter has issued a  statement saying:
“I cannot comment on the proceedings that have been opened against me. The facts will speak for themselves.”

Or not.

The Boiling Frog has more:

…this battle of the Fifa presidential election is turning out to be very messy indeed and Jack “the clown” Warner (corrupter-in-chief) has had further allegations made against him. I suspect though despite it all Blatter will win the election on Wednesday unopposed- such is democracy within Fifa, (I wonder if Cameron regrets this).

Yet this leads me on to a wider point. Yes, Fifa is a wonderful example of how unelected international bureaucracies are corrupt precisely because there are no checks and balances, but also at fault is the compliance, or apathy, of those it represents; note the silence since from UEFA over the scandal of the world body of football (UEFA President Platini is rumoured to be in line to replace Blatter)

And then we come onto the FA – run by unelected buffoons since 1863. An organisation who thinks that the “fit and proper persons test” is really just a measure of the size of your cheque book, that it’s a good idea for England to play Germany in 1935 at White Hart Lane (home of ‘Jewish’ team Tottenham Hotspur) 2 months after the Nazis passed the Nuremberg laws, and who gave away control of our top diversion in 1993 to the Premier League to ‘get one over’ their political rivals; the Football league, and then could not control the monster it created. Added to this the FA has had a long and illustrious track record of applying different sanctions to clubs for the same crime depending on how rich that club is, for example recently; Luton and QPR were both found guilty of a breach of FA Football Agents Regulations, A1:

1 A Player or Club must not at any time use the services of, or seek to use the
services of, pay, or seek to pay, either directly or indirectly, an Unauthorised Agent
in relation to any Agency Activity.Luton Town was bankrupt but admitted its guilt, QPR is owned by billionaires and lied to cover up its guilt, one was given a “smack on the wrist” fine and the other was deducted 10 points – no prizes for guessing which punishment went to which club.

The worst apathy though is the fans. We all know that the organisations of the FA, UEFA and FIFA stinks but the reaction that presides most of all is a shrug of the shoulders. If Blatter wins on Wednesday there will be some indignation but little else – ultimately he will be President because he can.

Your club run by crooks? Run by more crooks? And by even more crooks? Managed by fascists? As long as the team keeps winning, and you get your tickets for the World Cup in Brazil in 2018 then no-one cares. That’s how they get away with it. And on a bigger scale that’s how the EU gets away with it – apathy.


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